The independently owned Activity Centre can be found located on the lower level of the Las Sabinas commercial centre, next to El Arbol, the larger of the 2 supermarkets at La Manga Club.

The Centre is open all year round. During winter it is open Sunday to Friday, but 7 days a week during the remainder of the year.

The Activity Centre arranges all bicycle hire for use around La Manga Club and also organises rides off site exploring the surrounding countryside and beach areas. If you have specific bicycle requirements then you can make contact and pre-book. By providing your height etc you can ensure you have a comfortable ride for yourself and the family. With over 50 bikes available you can make sure that you get the model you need and ensure that you have the correct size. Prices include helmet, lock and maps plus tool packs are available.

Think about hiring a bike during your next visit to the La Manga Club, enjoy the freedom and enjoy!